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EVP Unknowingly Caught on Movie Set (Video)

I think this is pretty cool, (and this is a 1st hand account).

While editing audio in a scene from our new short horror film “The Shop” I discovered a class A #EVP.

What’s interesting is that the movie is not paranormal in nature. Now, as a pt paranormal investigator for over half my life; I’ve caught EVP evidence before while investigating, but this is a completely random occurrence.

During a scene between the two title characters, a third voice is heard and actually went unnoticed until we were heavy into post production. Only two actors on set, one speaking. This is not rehearsal footage it is: “quiet on the set, we’re rolling” actual footage. (I should know, I was there). No, no one heard anything or felt anything while we were shooting, it was a long 22 hour day and we were very busy at the time.

I don’t want to say much more about it, I’d rather leave it open for you fine folks to interpret, but don’t be shy to comment and share!

Gemini Films Productions
Rolling Dice Pictures
Two Man Band Studios

“The Shop” Coming Soon!
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Hollywood hills

I'm a ghosthunter, and I team up with my friend, Heather. I'm an high empath, and she's a powerful medium, and we've been doing this for years. Saturday night, we were of counsel for an investigation in a ritzy house in the Hollywood hills. It's a house of noteworthy history, but the waiver I signed prohibits me from saying anything about the investigation. We got there before the host was ready for us, so I joined Steve and his crew as they walked around the area. The Hollywood hills are rife was dark activity. That's a little known facet about LA that you really won't find in many books or websites. The general area is just a clusterfuck of trapped spirits, lost souls, demons, native American spirits, and who knows what else. So we were walking around, and we went up to another home with an interesting showbiz history to it.

While climbing the hill, Heather said that there was a woman in a tree who was crying. She called her down, and this spirit joined us. Heather said her name was Mary. I greeted her, and invited her to walk beside me, as I gave her warm energy to calm her down. I can't see spirits, but I can feel them, and she felt sweet, but sad. Steve (the team's leader) heard we mention the name Mary, and he asked if it was Mary Pickford. The name seemed familiar to me, but at the time I couldn't place it. Heather asked her, and she agreed that was her last name. Mary was sad because there was something she didn't finish, something that was left undone when she passed, and that was a great source of sorrow and unfulfillment.

Around this time, the host yelled for us to come over, so we descended down the hill. Mary was still with us, but hesitated to follow us up another hill. Steve aggressively coaxed/bullied her into coming along (I'm not entirely sure why his team has this somewhat belligerent approach to spirit communication), and it seemed to work. She followed us up the hill, but didn't enter the house with us. She did find us in the house a few hours later, and hung around Heather and I. I liked her because she seemed nice and lonely. The investigation itself was extremely weird, complex and full of personal experiences and interesting evidence, but that's not the point of this post.

It was the wee, wee hours of the morning...ok, it was early dawn the next day, and Heather and I are driving back to our area, and we're discussing a variety of things that happened that night, including Mary. I remembered Mary Pickford was an actress, but remembered little else at the time, and told Heather that I doubted it was the famous Pickford. When we parked in front of her boyfriend's house, I wiki'd Mary Pickford, and along with her bio was some pictures. I read aloud how Mary had been THE silent film actress, and the root of her depression/alcoholism. I showed Heather the images. "This is Mary Pickford. Is this the girl you saw?" Heather looked at them, and said, yeah, it looks like her.


I kept reading aloud. She had a couple of boys, who later severed ties with her. One of the sons was Ronald, and Heather said that Mary had mentioned that name.


The more I read, the more I could maybe see a correlation between Mary Pickford and the woman we met. Pickford was THE most famous actress in the silent film era, was extremely sought after and was earning double what every other actress was earning, but her career stumbled as she got into her 30s. She chopped her hair after her mother died as a form of catharsis I suppose, and such a bold move to her iconic look shocked the public. As a result, the flurry of work that was thrown her way in her youth had been reduced to a trickle, and she didn't handle it well. Her life was fraught with tragedy and escapism, and despite such a prominent beginning, her whole life was etched with sorrow and unfulfillment. Maybe the 'unfinished work' she mumbled about on the hill was in reference to the film plans she had, possible notions of a comeback, or the yearning for a return to the fame and popularity that she celebrated earlier. Maybe.

I feel that Heather and I should return to that hill, find Mary Pickford or whoever that spirit is, and have another conversation. This time, we'll know who she is, and our focus won't be distracted by an investigation.
green goth eyes


This odd little thing just happened and I thought I would share. 18 years ago my friend Dave took his own life. That was on my mind today but i went on with my day as i have for the past 18 years on this date. As I was sitting here reading I was over whelmed with the scent of Polo(his scent). I then heard some one move across the living room(odd becuse I am the only one home) and the sound of some one going down the steps out front. I am sure it was Dave saying hi. Just thought I would share.
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Unwanted Houseguest

This happened ten years ago, and at the time I was deeply clueless about what we actually had in our house. That's the biggest reason I'm posting it here: for common knowledge. It's also just a rather intriguing occurrence, or perhaps you've had similar experiences so this will help you feel less crazy. But at least after reading this, you'll know some of the "symptoms" of this type of problem so if it ever happens to you, you'll have a better idea of how to combat it.

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I still feel more than a little nuts to say that we had trouble with a wandering demon, but the smells, sights, and sounds can't be explained any better. Not to mention that it coincided with my therapy so perfectly and ranged past what we knew how to explain at the time...only to fit in perfectly with the textbook signs of a demon that I learned years later.

Is this similar to what any of you have experienced? Do you have any other explanations besides "demon"? Any other explanation still defies me: and I have a science background!
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(no subject)

I had a somewhat small, random, experience last weekend.
I work for an elderly couple with random odds and ends, and this particular day, I was needed to organise a massive book collection by genre and put them in boxes. I had two tables set up - one for books that needed to be organised, and the other was my working table. I would stack small stacks of books at a time, alphabetize them so it makes looking through the list easier. I'm going through one stack, I took some books to a box I had set up on the other side of the garage. I come back, there's a book I've never seen before laying on top of the small stack I had just gone through. I never saw the book before, and it certainly wasn't alphabetized. I know I didn't miss it because there were maybe 7 books, and I had taken more than half to put in the box. It was strange! I didn't feel uncomfortable, and I kept working for another 3 hours. I realised afterward, that these books I was organising belonged to the wife's late sister, so maybe she was helping me out.

Thanks for the advise

Hey all who gave me advice. About the haunting I had. The ward worked so far. But I think some way some how I think the same entity went to my friends house and haunts him now. I still have weird stuff happen every so many weeks but not half as scary. It can no longer get in my room if it does try to get in the house. I feel lots more protected. and thanks again for the advice. I really appreciate it very very much. and sorry it took so long I been in the hospital with my dad for what seems like for ever. But I am back. 
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Need advice on what to do very scared.

I am new to this site and glad it is here cuz what has been happening to me I am scared of. Never hurt me or nothing but stuff it does is scarey. I dont know if its a demon or what. Here is my story of what happened.

Ok back a few years ago me and a friend did something really dumb by playing with the Ouija board :( Me and my friend both didnt think it would work and while we were playing with the board I thought that it was my friend moveing the pointer around. We got this guy who claimed he died in WW2 and was a Jew in one of them concentration camps. And my friend back then was like into WW2 and jews and stuff so of coures I thought it was her. Well when I asked it if it liked me it said no and that it wanted to hurt me and me ofcouse thinking it was my friend tryin to scare me I blew it off and said if you are a real ghost prove it when I did after my friend left I was asleep and woke up to my bedroom door and closet door swinging back and forth I have no logical explaination for it. It did it every night but didnt scare me. And for a while it would show it self and walk all over the house my whole family saw it. But it never hurt any one till one night I had a guy friend stay the night with me and he had a dream that someone was smothering him when he woke up he felt someone was on his chest and couldnt breath well after that he woke me up and as soon as I got up to see what he wanted we herd someone walking around the whole house but no one was there but us to. and it scared me to death. Then I moved out and it followed me. I have moved several times and It still follows me. and sometimes it takes shape of a girl and tells me to get out or to go away and sometimes I hear a little girl laughing. and I wanna know if any one thinks its a demon or just a spirt that is attached to me. and how do I get rid of it without makeing it mad and wanting to hurt me. I dont know what to do and I need help
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good to know Ive found such a place...Im all into this kind of stuff...and nice to know I found people that are likewise... never know who you can talk to about it! :/
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Hello there. :) I haven't been active in this community for a few years now, so I have to get the hang of being back in the groove of things. Alright,
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EDIT: Fixed the cut since I'm a n00b.
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My House

Hello there, I wrote about my father's experience a few days ago and got wonderful comments. Now I'd like to share a bit about my house.

I moved there around 10 year ago, it wasn't an old house, we bought an old land and built it up. Things were pretty calm for most of the time, but I think there's something inside that only shows itself when there's something bad happening around the house, probably residing inside my brother's room.

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