zero_kanipan (zk306) wrote in hauntings,

hidden aura

Hello everyone!

Been lurking around for a couple of months now, but now I'm posting coz I have some questions.

1) Is it possible to hide a persons aura?
2) Can this be done by the person her/himself?
3) Can another person or entity hide another person's aura?
4) What are the consequences of one's aura being hidden?

Now some background.

We have three sensitives here at our office. The other day, me and some officemates were talking with two of the sensitives about the paranormal. Our discussion eventually came to auras and they started telling what color each person's aura was. When they came to me, one of them said mine was very difficult to read. The other said it was hidden, or that I was doing something to hide it. At the time though I was actually trying to imagine my aura in hopes of making it easier to read. Anyway, they said auras aren't always visible, and that mine may simply be not visible that day. I'll have to ask them again to check next time. This got me curious though hence the questions above.

Looking forward to some answers. Thanks in advance ^^
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